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Retouching India is one of the best retouching studio in India

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Retouching-India was set up in 2011 as an independent post-production Studio to produce the highest quality work in the most comfortable possible environment. It’s an approach that has served us well: We work with some of the world’s leading Advertising Agencies & Photographers, and our post work is behind some of the most iconic campaigns of recent years.

Our team are all experts in their field, with years of experience. all our team have the technical skills, but must also have good creative instincts, plus an understanding of the business – deadlines change; things still have to look perfect; that’s the job we do.

As far as the work goes, we believe a post-production Studio should be confident with retouching, CGI, photography and anything else required. But they should never be dogmatic. Whatever technique, or mix of techniques, creates the best effect is the one to use. Never use a piece of kit because it’s the coolest and you want to try it out. Use what’s right for the client

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