Clipping Paths

Clipping Paths or masking out techniques are used to cut out objects from the background of an image. Using clipping or masking the image or photographs are extracted with such cleanliness from their background that even each strand of hair is extracted out from background. These objects are later provided a different background. It seems to be an easy task but needs to be done with a lot of carefulness and a dash of expertise. Clipping paths are the best option for the kind of image that has a sharp, defined edge.

Our Clipping Path or masking services provide you the best focused and quality controlled production of images or photographs. Our clipping path services provide background drop out, photo editing, retouching, image manipulation and many more services with high accuracy and precision.

Manpreet Ahuja specializes in clipping path services of photographs. Our services also includes headshots or corporate portrait service using clipping path or masking techniques for business websites staff profile etc. A clipped image can easily used in advertising compositions, magazines, posters, catalogs, flyers, ecommerce websites, advertising agency, catalog company, graphics design houses, printing houses, product photographers, photo studios, online retainer etc.