Case Study

Case Study


In spite of technical advancement, every day more pixels are added to the retina of an digital image capture    (camera), still photos  loses its charm and there is a  huge difference comes between when we click the photo and the final output.  Photos are captured with full details in small range with camera as compared to our eyes view.


“REEHA SARAN discover That the AUDI R8 is only as dangerous as you want it to be “



This case study will give a glimpse of the Actual Photo shoot and the requirement of the Product from the precept of automobile Industry.

The work of a Photo Retoucher is to capture and rebuild the image so that it doesn’t losses it’s the brand identity.

Photo Retoucher not only has to be creative but he should also understand the requirement of the product and the image of product which he wants to showcase to the end users.

Retouching Case Study

RAW                                                                                            FINAL

Focus Area :-Front  Glass Screen & AUDI Logo

Grace of sports car comes with the bold and tough look and its identity. .


From the Front glass view, right side back wind screen and seat are clearly visible. Image is also dull as its not reflecting the bold look of AUDI R8 . Logo is almost invisible, which is the main identity of the Brand. Front bumper is which gives look to the car is also vague and is not outlined properly)


Retoucher  gives a bold shining look by making changes like  detailing of grills  to the bumper as well as the  front glass (now the interior are now not visible) and logo is also visible giving car its identity –  BRAND AUDI

Retouching Case Study

Focus Area :- Side Mirror and the Alloy Wheel


The raw picture of the car gives one a feeling of dullness and aridity and also the feeling of insipidness.


In final output Retoucher has not only made the color more shining and dark but you can spot the detailing on the  side  mirror as well as on alloy

Photo Retouching



AUDI ‘s Distinction is its Headlamps  LED . In raw shoot the LED lights has covered the Headlamp look.


The detailing is so fine that the lamps or LED line are clearly visible as well as the whole front light different parts are clearly visible.

Advertising Retouching

Photo retouching is not only confined to color correction, however, it is much more than that. Photo retouching can also add or subtract an object in accord with your needs. It can even merge two photos in a one photograph. Photo retouching is used to remove unwanted backgrounds as well.




A photograph never grows old. You and I change, people change all through the months and years but a photograph always remains the same. Photography keeps the Sweet memories alive and make it the integral part of life .

Photographs have a limited life and exposed to many conditions which harm the sweet memories. PHOTO RESTORATION is one of way to preserve the old Photographs.

Photo Retoucher has to take care of small detailing to reconstruct the distortated photos. The small technicalities not only  can bring alive the Photos but it can add the stars to the Retoucher .

Photo Restoration

In Original Photograph the Gloss paper is used which has lost its lamination over a period of time resulted an extra unwanted shining on the hair of the lady. There is lot of scratches on the photograph as well .


Photo Retoucher has to take care that while the restoration the originality of photographs remains in context to the back ground, skin color, hair color . Scratches make the photo appearance shabby and it becomes a challenging task for a Retoucher   to not only covers the cracks but to cover in such a way that it makes the restoration original

Old Photo Restore

The Challenging task in this photograph is to restructure the face of the small boy right hand side. It is been totally destructed. There are three aspects in this photograph i.e.

1) Crack   2) Water mark  3) Peal off of paper from right hand side

Photo Restoration

Photo Restoration is a very challenging task as the Retoucher has to reconstruct the photograph keeping in mind the originality, texture and other minute detailing of photograph.


Architectural and Real Estate Retouch

Architectural or Real Estate Retouch is meant for individuals who wanted to showcase their property with premium look and best results, Alot of Photographers and Property owners are not happy with the way their images are being published around the world, so here Manpreet Ahuja Visual Solutions help them to get the maximum results after their shoot done, We closely work with Photographer while they shoot the location and property, we ask them to shoot the Multiple stop images which we can stitch as per our technical need based on perfect light and shadow, I am going to Demonstrate you a example where you can clearly see the Multiple stop images in BEFORE section and final finished image in AFTER section, our Technicians make sure that client gets the full of detail and Lighting balanced image after our Retouch .

Architectural Retouching